Case Management

Case management is offered at Health Services Center without regard to income. Anyone who receives medical services at this agency can also receive the services of a case manager.  In some circumstances, case management services are available to those who receive medical care elsewhere, but reside in the service area. The overall goal of case management is to assist the client with any barriers that might hamper his/her optimal health outcome.

Case managers typically assist clients with concrete services such as food, clothing, and utility assistance by providing referrals to community agencies. They also assist clients with applications for disability and insurance, gaining access to their medications, as well as a variety of other services. Specific case managers are assigned to all satellite clinics; therefore, these services are available regardless of where medical care is received.

Usually, new clients meet the case manager first before any other staff. The case manager will assist them in completing initial paperwork, describing the medical service process, and answering questions. Other than specific medical needs, case managers can usually help clients with any concerns they may have.