Name Job Title
Executive Staff
Barbara J. Hanna, MD Executive Physician 
Denise C. Meadows, MS  Chief Executive Officer  
Selena Tucker  Chief Financial Officer 
David Warren  Patient Technology Coordinator 
Cathy Simpson, PhD Contract Data Evaluator
Medical Staff
Sonia Preston, CRNP Clinical Director
Ledon Twilley, RN, BSN Nurse Manager
Nerissa Campbell, RN, BSN  Nurse Manager 
Angie Calloway, LPN Clinic Nurse
Alexa Shepard  Med Tech 
Cheryl Lambert Dispensary Tech
Len Taylor Clinical Lab Tech
April Chaney Clinical Lab Tech
Donna Slaton Clinical Assistant
LaDonna Fugatt, CPB Clinical Assistant / Billing Clerk
Raul Magadia, MD Contract Physician
Tamika Williams  Receptionist 
Blakeli Bolt Receptionist
Mental Health  
Eric Averette, MSSW, LCSW, PIP Mental Health Counselor
Mesha Parker, MS Mental Health Coordinator
Timothy Phillips, MS, Ed.S, PHD Mental Health Counselor
Social Work /Supportive Services/Prevention/Education
Kelly Turner, MS, ADC Director of Social Work Services  
Robbie L. Hines, LBSW Medical Social Workers 
Vic Medina, LBSW Medical Social Workers 
Renae Phillips PT Assistance Clerk
Terilaine Wheeler, BS IMPACT Coordinator
Misha Whatley, BSW  Prevention Educator
Bryan Hobson Programs Data Specialist
Torina Satcher, MS Director of Housing and Homeless Services
Quinton Hearn, BSW Permanent Housing Coordinator
Katrina Heath, LBSW Housing Social Worker
Kim Moore, LBSW, MSW Housing Case Manager
Narda Christian, AAS Housing Office Coordinator
Mollie Lancaster Housing Case Manager 
Mark Vines Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
Behavioral Health
Kelly Turner, MS, ADC Director of Supportive Services
Director of Behavioral Health
Julie Talley, MS, LBSW, CCJP Behavioral Health Counselor
Logan Benton, LBSW Harm Reduction and Linkage Specialist
Melissa Parker, BS Prevention Education Specialist
Substance Abuse
Eric Averette, MSW, LCSW,  PIP Director of Mental Health Services 
Mesha Parker, MS   Director of Substance Abuse Programs
Timothy Phillips, MS, Ed.S, PHD Project Coordinator 
Michael Brown, MS  Substance Abuse Counselor 
Shannon Terrell, MS  Substance Abuse Counselor 
Sonya Ware, MS  Substance Abuse Counselor 
Beth Nance, BSW Case Manager
Terry Johnson Toxicology Tech / Transportation
Andrea Lewis, MS Clinical  Coordinator/Supervisor
Kenisha Allen, MS  Substance Abuse Counselor 
Tiffany Jacobs, LBSW Case Manager
Ashley Hodge Driver/Toxicologist
Scott Fleming  Transportation Specialist 
Wesley Smith  Transportation Specialist